Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shiro Kuramata & Campana Brothers

Shiro Kuramata
Furniture + Interior Designer (1934-1991)

Kuramata’s designs reflect the confidence and creativity of postwar Japan, retaining a strong identity based on traditional Japanese aesthetics while breaking new ground through the use of innovative materials. He combined the Japanese concept of the unity of the arts with his fascination with contemporary western culture. Kuramata reassessed the relationship between form and function, imposing his own vision of the surreal and of minimalist ideals on everyday objects.

Fernando + Humberto Campana
Furniture Designer (1967- + 1953- )

Drawing inspiration from Brazilian street life and carnival culture, the brothers combine found objects – such as scraps of wood and fabric off-cuts – with advanced technologies to create a vibrant, energetic and definitively Brazilian approach to design. Taking their cue from everyday scenarios and using unexpected combinations of found materials such as rubber hose, tissue paper, string or furry toys, Fernando and Humberto transform modest materials into objects that instilled with the spirit of contemporary Brazil that they describe as “zest for life”.

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